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Canada Countdown, How to Immigrate to Canada is the ONLY thorough and detailed expert guide to help you turn your dreams of immigrating to Canada into reality, from the initial application to your first steps on Canadian soil. It is co-written by an Expert Immigration Lawyer, who was named Leading Immigration Practitioner by L’Expert, earning the Who’s Who Legal and Best Lawyers in Canada.

Canada Countdown is filled with insider Tips, Notes and Cautions that Nick Noorani and Catherine Sas offer to help you get your visa approved! Additionally, the book is filled with hyperlinks that allow you to see the official documentation as you are reading the book! Being an eBook, this insider’s guide is always current and also gives you one year of free updates on any new changes!

Canada Countdown is a thorough and detailed guide to help would-be immigrants turn their dreams of coming to Canada into a reality, from the initial application to their first steps on Canadian soil.

Be aware that other books available online about immigrating to Canada are outdated and do not cover all these important 2013 policy changes!

Immigration regulations change rapidly in Canada and without up-to-date information, you will waste your time and hard-earned money by potentially applying for an immigration category that no longer exists or has changed drastically!

Read the comments we received:

“Canada Countdown is a very well written step by step guide. The most important thing is (compared to other guides) the facts/requirements are up to date. I know I have to deal with so many thing, moving, visas, find a home, work, etc… but with the help of this guide its much easier.” – Roland

“I like the Tips, cautions and notes that accompany each profession! Current, valid and well – laid out details await you in this book.” – Ryan

“A few years ago, I went through the immigration process myself. Filling out all the forms and hunting down all the information was very difficult, and I wished I had used a resource like Canada Countdown. How to Immigrate to Canada” – Chris

“I wish I had this book when I migrated! I spent thousands of dollars for a consultant and when I reached Canada I met so many who had done their paperwork themselves!” – Maria

With Canadian Immigration regulations changing rapidly, you cannot afford to be without up-to-date information. Not only will mistakes waste your time and hard-earned money, your immigration approval could be SIGNIFICANTLY DELAYED, as each form revision takes months and sometimes years to be processed. Applying to immigrate is riddled with an endless stream of complicated forms and confusing requirements, there is no need to make it even more complicated!

Immigration spots are limited every year, and the number of applicants far exceeds the number of people approved for immigration.

Act today.

Only $9.99 

With one year unlimited free updates!


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